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Soccer, the beach, and a friendship
Updated: 10/31/2019
Soccer, the beach, and a friendship
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  • Benjamin
  • Ricardo
  • Richard
  • On a bright morning in the middle of summer, many people were playing around and enjoying the glistening sun. Two boys in particular, Ricardo and Benjamin, got along very well and decided to play soccer on this fateful day.
  • Benjamin was playing against Ricardo and Richard with the game being a very close tie. Being the supportive friend Ricardo was he supported Benjamin when he scored a goal. They were about to start a new game until...
  • Richard was waiting for Ricardo to score as he was his teammate in this close match. When Richard had looked up he had saw the goal and a very exicted look on Benjamins face. He had gotten so furious to the point where he had hit Benjamin on his cheek.
  • With an expressionless look on Benjamins face he ran over to his house and his new friend chased him. Ricardo comforted Benjamin as tears had rolled down from his face. Ricardo told him that everything would be alright and that gave Benjamin the courage to move on.
  • As the years had gone by, Benjamin and Ricardo had gotten closer and Ricardo became his best man. The wedding was beautiful as the cake shimmered and glistened almost as much as her dress. They had gotten married at a beach as Ricardo had chosen it, knowing it was Benjamins favorite place to relax and where he had wanted his wedding.
  • During the honeymoon, Ricardo was visiting a beach in the hot rays of California. He watched the waves as Benjamin went through his mind. He had missed his best friend who was on his honeymoon. Ricardo was about to leave the beach when suddenly he had gotten a call, it was a police officer from France where Ben and his wife were having their honeymoon! Ricardo had soon realized he had lost his best friend to a car crash. The last few years have been rough since the accident but I know that wherever he is, Benjamin and his wife are safe.
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