The Story of Joseph
Updated: 3/19/2020
The Story of Joseph

Storyboard Text

  • Father sent me to check on you and the flock.
  • Lets throw him down a hole!
  • After we have sold him, he will be gone for good!
  • You will come with us to Egypt and there you will serve Potiphar.
  • You have been a very good servant, and so I have decided to promote you.
  • Haha, I will get rid of him now.
  • Joseph did this...
  • I will send him to jail for this!
  • Jacob I had a strange dream...
  • I think that your dream means...
  • Last night I had some strange and worrisome dreams.
  • I have heard of a boy who is good at interpreting dreams...
  • Send him to see me