first gen
Updated: 12/11/2020
first gen

Storyboard Text

  • I feel like my gender is different. I don't think the the gender listed on my birth certificate is right.
  • I wish I could stop feeling this way. I don't want to be bad.
  • You are a bad kid for thinking that! We do not allow being transgender in our home!
  • We did not go to college and you shouldn't either. College brainwashes people into thinking it is okay to be gay. The most successful people don't go to college.
  • I'm curious about going to college. Are they right about it?
  • How to go to collegeWomen's Success CenterI Am First UVU
  • What if I do go to college anyway?
  • UVU
  • ...and now I'm going here to UVU!
  • OMG me too!
  • wow!
  • I'm a transgender first gen student
  • LGBTQIA+ First Gen Students at UVU
  • UVU
  • You've come a long way!
  • UVU
  • I Am First
  • and in five months, this will be me!
  • First generation to graduate
  • VeryGay