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My culture Meztleetas option
Updated: 10/5/2020
My culture Meztleetas option
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  • The origin of my culture is based on the moon and its phases that relate to the development of humans, appear, rise, show, hide and shut 870 BCE
  • The clothing and jewellery are dark, jut like the representation of animals as divine figures: the raven,rabbit,black panther and horse in order to connect with them. When there is an eclipse its time for sacrifice,hunting, reflection of moon
  • Gemstones wrapping pyramids that work as little mirrors, receiving and pointing light in a way it reflects the positiion of the moon and stars like a calendar to the mayor temple "zujikli"
  • ´´Light the way´´They established by a big lake, their main godess: ´´Iix Akbal'' half woman half falcon, representing light, wisdom, and faith
  • Big approaches on light and pluvial system, like underground connections and caves that work as drainage acquifer deposits or special light onix pannels that guide it to the crops or any direction
  • Ootzilmúuchmtu
  • Progress people
  • Organization
  • 1 2 3 4
  • Nahilmúuchmtu
  • New moon people
  • Yaxkinmúuchmtu
  • Treasure keepers
  • Yumilmúuchmtu
  • Supreme ruler or master
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