Haroun & the Sea of Stories- The Dark Ship
Updated: 6/8/2020
Haroun & the Sea of Stories- The Dark Ship

Storyboard Text

  • "To Khattum- Shud we go, all neatly wrapped and tied like a present
  • "It's our own fault, we are the guardian's of the Ocean, and we didn't guard it. Look at the Ocean, look at it!
  • "Take this, it gives you two full minutes of bright, bright light."
  • "I can't take it, it's not fair."
  • Haroun, Iff and Butt the Hoopoe are captured by the Chupwalas and are being taken to the Cult-master, Khattum- Shud.
  • "Don't they look, well, fuzzy? That's what shadows are like; even when they're sharp, they're never as sharp edged as real, substantial things."
  • Haroun sees the Ocean thick, dark, full of poision. Haroun thinks about Mali the Floating Gardener, still no trace of her. She would be horrified to see the Ocean like this.
  • "You're Mr. Sengupta, the man who run away with my mother"
  • "What's the use of stories if they aren't even true"
  • At this time the Chupwalas begin to remove the brain of Butt the Hoopoe. Iff explains to Haroun he must take the "Bite- a- Lite and hide it under his tongue.
  • "The cauldrons were brim- filled of the black poisons that were murdering the Ocean of Stories." Haroun then notices that Khattum- Shud and all the Chupwalas have shadowy outlines, meaning they aren't completely human or shadows.
  • Khattum- Shud, who Haroun seems to know as "Mr. Sengupta" explains that stories misguide people and lead to trouble. 
  • Khattum- Shud gives Haroun and Iff a tour of the machines and processes he plans on using to destroy the Ocean.
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