War horse

Updated: 7/28/2020
War horse

Storyboard Text

  • -Albert's father enters with oats and a halter and sweet talks Joey- Joey then follows him to outside the stable
  • -eye level angle and -medium shot-low key lighting (showing mystery)
  • -Joey follows willingly beside Zoey-excited to go to town but has a sense of apprehension-Alberts father acting nervous
  • -long shot - a tracking camera movement -slightly higher angle-natural lighting
  • -walks past church to green flied with flag poll and union jack-people marching and cheering-men in khaki uniforms-Albert's father meets one man particular
  • -long shot -slightly lower angle -natural lighting-panning
  • -natural lighting-eye level angle-panning-medium shot
  • -Captain Nicholls is interested in buying joey but first needs to be checked by the vet - Gets inspected by man with black mustache-Vet tells the captain to go ahead and buy him
  • -long shot-natural lighting -eye level (from joeys perspective)-panning
  • -Joey is led back to where Albert's father is waiting-He gets paid and reassures joey before tearing up and leaving -joey panics and neighs and zoey does the same back to him
  • -medium shot-zooming (when Albert running) then panning-natural lighting
  • -as joey feels all hope is lost Albert comes running towards-He talks to captain Nicholls about what just happned -He says goodbye to joey and makes a lasting promise he then turns and leaves