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Updated: 9/4/2020
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  • India before the Turks...
  • We are so thankful for your generosity. Please accept these gifts
  • Why invade?
  • I Mahmud of Ghazna am going to become a figure within Islam!
  • "Our homeland is not suitable to live in. We will find a new home!"
  • How did the rajas lose?
  • My lord! We have no more resources! We used it all!
  • This war is lost
  • Before the Turks arrived, India was divided into main rival chiefs called rajas. The rajas were supported by Brahmans as they gave out land. The Brahmans gifted the chiefs complex genealogies as a tribute
  • After the Turks took over...
  • I want more mosques, libraries, and palaces to be built.
  • The Turks wanted to invade India for multiple reasons. First, they needed more places to settle after they were forced to leave their homes due to climate change. Mahmud of Ghazna in particular wanted status in the Islamic world. They also may have just wanted to spread Islam along the way
  • How the Turks affected culture
  • من هم همینطور
  • I consider myself Indian but I'm still muslim
  • The kingdoms of the rajas slowly crumbled as they continued to run out of resources. They battled along the Indus and Ganges Rivers until the Turks managed to move into the valley.
  • The Turks didn't enforce their culture
  • No, just make them pay us jizya
  • The Turks built more mosques, palaces, and other architectural buildings. They built libraries where scholars could store and share information with the court.
  • Right away
  • The Turks influenced the culture as they assimilated into the population. The people started to adopt their styles of clothing and the Turks themselves started to consider themselves Indian. There were multiple languages that were commonly used as well.
  • These new tunics are really comfortable!
  • The Sultans did not enforce Islam over the people. Instead they were tolerant over religions as long as they paid jizya.
  • My lord, should we make the people convert to Islam?
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