Short Film
Updated: 2/4/2020
Short Film

Storyboard Text

  • Donova´s friends surround him in the hallway next to the lockers, they start asking about if he's going to Mackenzie´s party and saying how great this would be:Friend 1: Donovan! Are you going to Mackenzie´s party?Friend 2: You better go dude! It´s going to be amazing!Friend 3: Adam told me Mackenzie´s parties are the best.Friend 4: Yeah dude!
  • Everything but Donova turns black and white, Donova´s shadow appears and starts pressuring him with going to the party, she told him if he doesn't go everyone will talk horrible thing about him and would like to unfriend him while he starts feeling worried:Donova´s shadow: Yeah..You better go "dude"! Imagine what would everyone think about you if you don't! They'll probably unfriend you! So.. Do it!
  • Donova´s shadow disappears and the background turns back to normal, Donova accepts going to the party with a sad face and a soft voice:Donova: Sure... I´ll go.