raquel 29
Updated: 10/30/2020
raquel 29

Storyboard Text

  • You are a Whisperer. You have the ability to converse with any animal you choose. This power also makes you divergent, so you are unaffected by this cave
  • Raquel, I present you with the sword of Rajai. I am very smart, and I can see that you are the one for the animals, and for the world. And I will provide you with a ride to get you to your next destination. Come see me whenever you wish, my friend
  • It seems you are destined to be the one who saves our world
  • Y'see, I don't know about that. The council said that there was this prophecy that said some Annie was supposed to do that
  • Well that is stupid
  • So with the Sword of Rajai in hand, Raquel went back to join her friends, to continue on their journey
  • Of course, as soon as they stopped screaming, that is