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Treaty of waitangi
Updated: 5/6/2020
Treaty of waitangi
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  • Maori originated from eastern Polynesian countries, but it is said that before they were in places in south east Asia like Taiwan.The Maori traveled to New Zealand by Waka (canoes). They memorised the routes or recorded them in songs. Directions were taken by following the paths of the stars. The Maori's knew land was ahead before seeing it as there were birds migrating towards land.
  • Chapter 1: Origins of Maori
  • Chapter 2: Maori life before Europeans
  • By the end of the 14th century the Maoris had explored the entire country. But they normally stayed in their own community (iwi) and tribes. And didn't normally go outside of their area and if they did it was mostly to fight other tribes. The Maori's saw themselves in a sacred relationship with the Natural world and taking from exploiting of natural resourses was under strict laws made by a Maori priest.
  • Chapter 3: Europe discovers New Zealand
  • On the 13th December 1642 the first Europeans to discover New Zealand were a Dutch man called Abel Tasman and his sailing crew. They where close by when they spotted people and sent three men on a boat but were rammed by a waka and then killed by the Maori. After the incident Abel Tasman named the place where he anchored Moordenaers Baij (Murderers bay). The next discoverer was Captian James cook in 1769 went around New Zealand and drew out the map of New Zealand.
  • Chapter 4: Early settlers and contact with Maori
  • Prior to 1840, Whalers, sealers and missionaries were most of the Europeans coming to New Zealand. They would trade guns for normally Maori women but the guns traded and European diseases led to a decline in the Maori population as they fought with guns in the Maori wars. Early european settlers also traded food and crops to the Maoris like a larger kumara variety, wheat and more.
  • Chapter 5: James Busby Arrives in New Zealand
  • James busby a British representative arrives in the Bay of islands. James Busby was appointed by Britain to protect "well disposed settlers and traders", prevent outrages by Europeans against Maoris and apprehend escaped convicts but didn't do his jobs well as he wasn't given enough resources. The Maori's wanted protection from other nations so James busby without authorisation from his superior wrote the Declaration of the independence of New Zealand with 52 chiefs.
  • Chapter 6: William Hobson arrives in New Zealand
  • William Hobson was part of the British Navy before being appointed the New Zealand Consul but took 2 months
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