Predator Prey DipandDo
Updated: 2/8/2021
Predator Prey DipandDo

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Storyboard Text

  • The predator - prey cycle
  • But funnier
  • The predators start to kill the PreyThe prey have not adapted to the predators
  • Noo you cant just kill me, i want to live
  • Haha food chain go brrrr
  • Me too
  • There isn't enough prey but the prey have adapted against the predators
  • this guy doesnt existit is a metaphor that there is no rabbits
  • I have eyes on the side of my head
  • Me too
  • Me me hungy
  • The predators die of starvation bacuse there is not enough prey and they have not adapted to catch them
  • The prey are not hunted as much and can flourish
  • There is many rabbits
  • The predators kill the prey again because there is more prey and they have adapted to the prey's strategy
  • Noo you cant just kill me, i made a strategy to evade you
  • Fin(It means end in some language i don't know)
  • Haha adaptation go brrr