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Tears of the Tiger
Updated: 9/23/2019
Tears of the Tiger
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  • Andy Jackson
  • "I wanted it to be me that was dead instead of Rob" -pg 24
  • Robbie Washington
  • "Ain't nothin' like some cool bottled sunshine in the moonlight after a hot game!" -pg 4
  • B.J. Carson
  • "Maybe I shoulda tried to stop them that night." -pg 16
  • Description: Basketball player who was driving during the accident that killed Rob. Strength: Good at basketball. Weakness: Rob's death. Andy will be remembered as the drunk driver during the accident that killed his friend Rob, as well as the one struggling the most with his death. Andy is struggling with Rob's death, and is constantly blaming himself.
  • Tyrone Mills
  • "That's what I remember - and that's what I'll never be able to forget." -pg 14
  • Description: Basketball player who was killed in a car accident. Strength: Really good at basketball. Weakness: Died in the car accident. Rob was the only one who died in the car accident while he was drinking with his friends, which will affect his friends and family. Rob was the only one that died in the accident, which is more of an issue for others.
  • Keisha Montgomery
  • Description: One of the friends who was in the car accident. Strength: Finds comfort in faith. Weakness: Doesn't play basketball due to his height.B.J. was in the accident but wasn't injured too bad. Afterwards, he turned to faith for guidance. B.J. wonders if Rob's death was his fault, since he was the one that wasn't drinking.
  • Rhonda Jeffries
  • Description: One of the friends in the car accident. Strength: Wasn't harmed in the accident. Weakness: Is grieving Rob's death. Tyrone was drunk in the car during the accident that killed Rob. Tyrone was one of Rob's best friends and is grieving his death.
  • Description: Andy's girlfriend. Strength: Cares a lot about Andy Weakness: Is sometimes frustrated by the pressure of taking care of Andy. Keisha tasks herself with taking care of Andy and making sure he is okay. Keisha is struggling to take care of Andy while grieving Rob at the same time.
  • "I'm here at the hospital. . . It's Robbie Washington." -pg 10
  • Description: Tyrone's girlfriend. Strength: Helps Tyrone grieve. Weakness: Is struggling to comprehend that her classmate died. Rhonda helps Tyrone grieve, but she is in shock as to how someone her age has died. The idea that someone her age can die so easily scares Rhonda.
  • "Last week I learned that kids my age could die." -pg 18
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