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Positive Psyc
Updated: 9/22/2020
Positive Psyc
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  • Good Morning Everyone, for my class assignment I will be reciting a poem entitled:
  • A History of Positive Psychology By: Dominique Guevarra
  • It all began way back in 1879,Where one of the greatest fields of study rose to the forefront.When a lab was built in Leipzig, Germany,By the founding father, William Wundt.
  • But today our story starts much after it all began,Past the theories of the cognitive, psychosexual and social.We’ll learn about psychologist Martin Seligman,And his views that we’ll see have become very crucial.
  • In 1954 Maslow published a book,From a humanistic perspective about positivity & fulfillment.According to The New World Encyclopedia (2020) this was the first,Reference to the term “positive psychology” in any content.
  • This branch of psychology however, was not accepted until late,When the APA president, Seligman chose it for his theme,Thus it was the year 1998,That positive psychology truly became seen.
  • And so Positive Psychology came to be,Encompassing new thoughts that explore quality of living.Such as mindfulness, forgiveness, gratitude and humility,It’s contributions to this day, still increasing well-being.
  • Thank you!
  • Positive Psychology- It is the branch of psychology that has as its primary focus on the strengths, virtues, and talents that contribute to successful functioning and enable individuals and communities to flourish (Emmons, 2020).
  • Seligman thought that psychologists often placed emphasis,on what he termed “the disease model”- the focus on the negatives,So he instead chose to focus on success,And the virtues and talents that help us live life at its best.
  • Disease model- the focus on identifying what’s wrong with people, in order to ‘fix’ them. (International organization for Migration, n.d.)
  • Wellbeing- (Does not equate happiness) and consists of 5 pillars- Positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and achievement (Test Prep Gurus, 2012).
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