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Myth of the snake
Updated: 9/24/2019
Myth of the snake
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  • The appearance
  • where do you come from?
  • we seem to be lost and need a place to stay the night
  • Next morning
  • Calm down everyone!
  • heyy?! Ahhhh!No Evil!
  • The Truth
  • heyy?! Ahhhh!No Evil!
  • its them they brought the evil with them! They have tails!
  • Get out! We want you out!
  • Long ago in the medieval era there was a village that was a peaceful area where no evil came to disturb. Mr. Rattle was the one who took care of any issues that will bring evil to the village. Out of nowhere two human beings appeared outside Mr. Rattles cabin their names were Snae and Ake. Mr. Rattle so confused asked them “ do you need anything?” “where do you come from and what do you want?” Snae answered “ we don't know we seem to be lost in this village.”. Ake said “yes, we woke up in the middle of the field right next to the village and didn't recognize nothing until we saw some kind of light that brought us here.” Snae said” we need a place to stay the night” Rattle was so terrified because they were unique and unlike the rest of the villagers they had tails behind them, beautiful and colorful tails. So Mr. Rattle rejected them. There was no place to go so Snae and Ake decided to spent the night outside.
  • Burned Alive
  • hurray! Yess! No more evi!
  • we shall live forever if part of still remains and we come back and hunt you down!
  • Next morning all the villagers woke up complaining that everything seemed different. There were problems with the cabins and with their neighbors, the happy and joyful mood turned into an angry and ugly mood. Things missing here and there and cattle was found dead. It wasn't a regular sunny day it was more like a dark cloudy day. Mr Rattle came outside quickly to calm everyone down, He thought to himself “hmm what a coincidence that ever since Snae and Ake came things went wrong after thousands of years without evil”.
  • The warning
  • Mr Rattle with no doubt blamed all that bad energy on them and expose to everyone their tails. The whole village was frightened and everyone believed that is was pure evil energy invading the whole villages peace. They all protested and wanted Snae and Ake out. Although Mr. Rattle didn't kick them out, he warned them and said “ if you do not leave before sunset you shall be burned alive!” Snae and Ake did not listen and stayed there the whole day.
  • The Rattle Snake
  • Sunset came and the villagers attacked Snae and Ake and tight them both up in a pole. Mr Rattle said “ I have warned you both” before the villagers lit up the pole Mr Rattle came up to them and cut their tails and everyone cheered as he held the tails up “hurray!” chanted the villagers. He threw them in the field. Mr Rattle lit up the pole the villagers were laughing and chanting. Ake yelled out “ we shall live forever if part of still remains and we come back and hunt you down!” Snae said “ yes! And we will warn you”. No one listened except for Mr Rattle and he knew something was wrong but couldn't recall so he continued to cheer.
  • i have warned you both! Haha
  • Days past and everything was back to normal until a class of poisonous bite was reported to Mr Rattle. He knew some kind of a sign a warning of evil. Mr. Rattle said to himself “ I have done something I shouldn't have” he heard a noise like a slithery rattle behind him, he turned back and recognized the two tails who have now become some sort of slithering snakes
  • oh no! I have done something I shouldn't have
  • he got bit by something! Help please!
  • The two snakes bite him on the legs killing him instantly with a powerful amount of poison. They left a message on a piece of paper saying “ we will warn you, just have to be careful who you mess with” The frightening stories passed from generation to generation and people till this day fear them. That's how the Rattle Snake was created and they will warn you before they attack so make sure you listen very carefully around plain tall grass or fields.
  • we will warn you, just have to be careful who you mess with
  • ahhhhhh!
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