The Rich Lion and the Poor Lion
Updated: 3/4/2020
The Rich Lion and the Poor Lion

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  • The Rich Lion and the Poor Lion Josue
  • Main Characters: Rich Lion, Poor LionOthers: police officer
  • "Ugh this king is so annoying", said the lion. "He judges everybody and brags" Wow! 0-O -shakes head- "Okay I need to find something to get the king in trouble."
  • "Not It I need to keep moving maybe a bookshelf? Is the key."
  • "Hmm" Thinks the Lion Let me lift the skeletons head maybe there is a button... I was right."
  • "Ahhhh whoa! I think I fell In a hole." (The lion says) "What is this place and what is this note... O-O oh my gosh! The King stole this I'm calling the animal cop."
  • (The king says mad) "NOOOOOOOOO."
  • (The animal cop says) "You are under arrest for robbing many banks and museums."
  • Don't Take things that aren't yours, to be the best its not how rich you are It's on how kind you are
  • Nibble, nibble
  • "Rats!"
  • 5 Years Later...