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Energy Conversions
Updated: 9/20/2019
Energy Conversions
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  • Welcome. My name is Lucas. I will now show you some examples of Energy Conversions.
  • Before I woke up, I was sleeping in my bed. My body was using potential energy. When I got out of bed and started moving around, I used kenetic energy.
  • When I ate my breakfast, there was another example of transfer of energy. The stored chemical energy in food, converts to energy to help me move and grow.
  • I won't jump in the pool with my suit on, but the breakfast I ate which was store chemical energy, would help me give me the energy for work or to go for a swim.
  • Another example of energy conversion was the gas that makes this bus run. The chemical energy in the gasoline, converted to mechanical energy to make the bus move. OH! This is my stop!
  • Electrical energy here at the fair converts into making everything here light up and give power to all these rides
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