Modern Allegory of a Cave
Updated: 2/4/2021
Modern Allegory of a Cave

Storyboard Text

  • Inside the cave
  • Seeing the light
  • Back into the cave
  • Dave had a fairly good life. He was content. Worked a minimum wage job, had enough to eat, and his house might not have been pretty but he had a roof over his head.
  • Dave had been saving up money for quite some time now and decided instead of spending it on video game or funk pops he would re invest and go back to school, get a good degree, and get a better job.
  • After Dave went to school, he meet up with one of his old co-workers. He tried to explain what good investing in school had done for him and how it had got him a better job and a nicer house. However his old friend was to naive and wanted to spend their money on more video games and cars.