The French Revolution

Updated: 6/19/2020
The French Revolution

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  • Before the French Revolution, people from the first and second estates were extremely rich and powerful.
  • The French Revolution
  • The common people who made up the this estate were poor. But they’re forced to pay heavy taxes. 
  • People from the third estate were tired of being exploited, so they rebelled. They established the National Assembly and created their own constitutions in a tennis court because they were forbidden to enter the meeting hall.
  • The darkest period of the French Revolution is called the Reign of Terror. Thousands of people were executed by the guillotine because they were suspected of treason.
  • After the Reign of Terror, a new government was formed called the Directory. The Directory ruled until Napoleon took control.
  • The French Revolution ended the French monarchy and removed the political power of the Catholic Church. It brought liberty and freedom to all people, especially the commoners, across France.