Chapter 8: Patria
Updated: 10/5/2018
Chapter 8: Patria
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  • Patria discusses the frantic lives her sisters. She explains that Minerva lived in a "little to nothing" house, Maria moves around to different cities a lot, and Dede lost everything and went bankrupt with many of her businesses and now lives in Patria's house. This is a social awakening because she sees how her sisters decisions affected their lfe.
  • My life is comfortable and simple, but my three sisters life are very hectic.
  • Can you keep Manolito while I'm on the road?
  • Minerva, Patria, Maria, Dede and all their husbands gather at Mama's new house for a New Years celebration. This was a joyous occassion, which did not call for the talk of politic in an effort to no worry their mother. When the party is over Nelson, Patria's son, decides to stay choosing to bring in the year with his uncles. Later that night, Patria finds her son drunk and chanting that Cuba is free, which she reminds him that they are not.
  • Cuban libre! Cuban libre! 
  • We are not free!
  • Nelson, are you drunk!
  • Nelson asked to go to the capital, which Patria believed to be a plot in order to see his "widow woman". In response, Patria sends a letter to the priest, Padre Jesus, for permission for Nelson to be enrolled into the Santo Tomas Seminary in order fro him to stay out of trouble. Also it is not safe at home right now because Trujillo is recruiting young men to his assassins organization-Sim-. Pedrito does not agree with Nelson going to the school in the capital because he believes that Nelson should stay home and learn to live the life of a farmer. This was a political awakening because she began to see how Trujillo's regime was corrupt.
  • Nelson should stay home and learn the life of my business!
  • Nelson should go to the capital and further his education. He can't stay here!
  • Minerva asks Patria to keep her six month old son, Manolito, because she is going to perform interrogations on the road and will let that be her cover story for whenever they are questioned for their reason being on the road. Patria agrees and offers her land in the back for a place to hold the revolutionists meetings. Nelson then comes homes and asks to join the revolution and that an invasion is expected to happen soon, which prompted Patria to going on her pilgrimage. This is a political awakening because she beings to see the effects of Trujillo.
  • I'd love to take care of my little godson!
  • Patria arrives at her pilgrimage and has a wonderful time enjoying nature and the Lord. On June 14, the last day of the retreat, the church  was bombarded with explosions. Five camouflaged men then came in running and proceeded to kill an innocent peasant, which made Patria think of Nelson. It was in that moment that Patria decided to join the revolution. Later that month the Padre Jesus and brother Daniel call for a special invite for Patria's church group, which led to the creation of the ACC-Accion Clero-Cultural church militant group. This is also a political awakening.
  • Pedrito delivers Patria's baby, Raul Ernesto, which Patria named after the Cuban revolutionary. This celebration is shortly lived because the new parents then have to worry about the new law, which states that the government can take everything you own if you are housing enemies of Trujillo's regime. The ACC then merges with Minerva's group and proclaim themselves "The Fourteenth of June", in memory of those killed while Patria was in the regime. This is a behavioral awakening because she acts on the counterrevolution, which is unlike Patria.
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