Early Republic Storyboard
Updated: 5/3/2019
Early Republic Storyboard

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  • Whiskey Rebellion
  • Federal Judiciary Act of 1789
  • Marbury v Madison
  • Marbury V Madison
  • The whiskey Rebellion was about farmers that were made at the government. The farmers protested because they were mad that they were being taxed for the whiskey they produced. The result was that our nation was strong and ready to put down a rebellion at any time. This happened during George Washington's presidency.
  • Alien Act
  • This act was signed into law by George Washington. This act established the structure of jurisdiction of Federal Courts, this also created the the position" Attorney General. " This is still intacted to this day.
  • Sedition Act
  • You can not speak out against the government...
  • This was a case that established Judicial Review. Marbury sued Madison for not delivering appointments. Without this case there would be no such thing as Judicial Review.
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • There were the Alien Enemies act and the Alien Friends act. These acts were about the fact that immagrants weren't really allowed into the United Stated and that the president can deport them if it's necessary,
  • No immigrants allowed
  • The sedition act was about the government. This act stated that we were not allowed to speak or say something back t the government once they have made there final descion.
  • The Louisiana purchase was between France and the United States. We approximently got 827,000 acers of land from France. This included the land west of Mississippi River for 15 million dollars.
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