Updated: 8/14/2020

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  • I have big hands!
  • She is a Handful
  • Roll over Melody!Great!
  • Here! Now you can communicate better
  • A B CD E F G H I
  • This Chapter was when Melody's Mum and Dad went to there next door neighbour Mrs V they said if they could look after her when they go to work they said she was a handful but Mrs V said she had big hands.
  • Good Job Melody!
  • While Melody was at Mrs V's house, Mrs V taught her how to roll over by telling to touch the monkey, the monkey was far from her. Melody thought she was stupid but she gave it a shot
  • This Chapter was when Mrs V stripped all of Melody's words on her wheel chair and gave her new ones so she could make sentences and it would be easier to communicate
  • Raining Choclate
  • In this Chapter Mrs V helped her hold a fork to eat, because Melody couldnt hold a fork. Melody learnt to hold the fork and was able to eat with it whithout droping it.
  • Melody has never been in the rain before, so Mrs V took her outside the house. Mrs V and Melody were drenched in water but Melody loved it.
  • At night melody went to sleep thinking about the rain but instead thought about raining chocolate for the whole night.