To kill a mockingbird
Updated: 1/24/2020
To kill a mockingbird
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  • Dill and communicationon with Boo
  • School and Walter Cunningham
  • Miss Maudie's house catches fire
  • Dill is a friend of the finches that used to live in Maycomb. He now only lives there during summertime. Boo Radley is a man who suffers from a diesease that doesn't allow him to leave the house. The kids try to communicate with him by giving him notes and Boo communicates with them through a knot hole in a tree. These forms of communication ultimatley fail because they can't get the note in the window, and Nathen Radley fills the hole with cement.
  • Finch family Christmas
  • Scouts teacher is Miss Caroline. She is a typical southern women. Scout hates school and Miss Caroline doesn't really like Scout because she talks back. At school, Scout meats a boy named Walter Cunningham and Jem invites him over to dinner.
  • Atticus shoots a rabid dog
  • One day Miss Maudie's house catches on fire. The entire town comes together and tries to control the fire. While the fire is happening Boo sneaks out and puts a blanket around scout without her knowing. Atticus wants to send the blanket back, but Jem won't let him because it will get Boo in trouble.
  • Mrs. Dubose dies
  • At their family Christmas, Scout gets scolded by Aunt Alexandra because she is not a "proper Southern lady". Scout also gets mad at her little cousin Francis because he wont stop calling Atticus a "black-lover". Atticus told her to not get angry at anyone for sauying this, but her emotions run wild and she beats up Francis.
  • One day, a rabid dog was spotted in the neighborhood. Jem and Scout call Atticus and tell him about the dog. He arrives home with the sheriff, spots the dog, goes towards the dog, and shoots it. We learn that Atticus had the best shot in town, and scout and Jem have a new found respect for Atticus.
  • One day Mrs. Dubose calls Atticus a "black-lover" to Jem. Jem gets really mad at this. When Mrs. dubose isn't looking, Jem destroys her plants and is forced to read to her as a punishment. This was a distraction so she could get off her morphine addiction and she does. She dies happy and sends Jem a camilla to show her strength.
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