The Crucible (Act 2)

Updated: 5/12/2020
The Crucible (Act 2)

Storyboard Text

  • I really don't like her anymore, how can I make it up to you - John Proctor
  • John Proctor you will you to court and explain the truth, or else Abigail is going to make sure I am gone.
  • I am sorry John and Goody Proctor but I am going to take your wife away
  • John go to court and get me free. Explain everything to the judges or I will be hanged.
  • Okay Elizabeth I will go to court.I will bring you out of there as soon as possible
  • Now this is the moment of truth for me, will I go into court with Mary Warren or keep my reputation and have my wife die.(Thought 5)
  • Mary Warren we will go into court and explain everything.(1)
  • Why? (3)
  • NO. (2)
  • Abigail is going to kill me if I go into court with you and explain the truth.(4)