Walter Lee Younger Character Visual
Updated: 3/10/2020
Walter Lee Younger Character Visual
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  • "I want so many things that they are driving me kind of crazy ...Mama - look at me" (Act 1 Scene 2)The quote represents Walter's desperate desire to achieve his goals in life and make something of himself instead of living the rest of his life with all of these hopes and aspirations
  • "Just tell me where you want to go to school and you'll go. Just tell me, what is you want to be - and you'll be it...Whatever you want to be." (Act 2 Scene 2)\The quote represents how Walter wants to help his children live their dreams and also is an important moment for Walter seen as a father
  • "Cause sometimes it's hard to let the future begin!" (Act 2 Scene 3) The quote both foreshadows what is to come soon to Walter but represents him struggling to take on want he has wanted so long which is surprising seeing as Walter's main inspiration is his dream.
  • Walter Lee YoungerWalter Lee is a character who's sole inspiration through the play is pursuing his dreams. In doing so Walter goes down a rough road in life and ends up destroying his families dreams to reach his own. The three images around Walter are supposed to represent a plan in some sort of what Walter wants. Unlike some of the characters in RITS Walter wants to be someone, he wants to have a legacy, but problems like race hold him away from his dreams. The picture of the bottle represents Walter's liquor store investment and what he will hope to gain from it. The next image represents money, something that Walter sees as the key to life, and how money is what rules the world. Money to the characters in RITS represent what it takes to reach their dreams, a common story element within the story. Money signifies the "American Dream" and what others aspire to have in the world. The final picture: The graph, represents the social stratification that will fall upon Walter once he reaches his dreams and how he will finally be known in the world. Walters life in Chicago is all he has had, but also what he seems to despise, so he does what he can to make the money and be "someone"
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