The Odyssey
Updated: 2/3/2021
The Odyssey

Storyboard Text

  • The Rising by Jillian Matias
  • Telemachus, stay and stand by me proudly.
  • Odysseus' Revenge by Jillian Matias
  • Outrage by Jillian Matias
  • Fight I say! Lets remember the joy of it. Swords out! Hold your tables to deflect his arrows 
  • After Odysseus shot the arrow through the twelve axe handles and revealed himself, all of the suitors especially Antinous were in shock. The build up of tension and fear crowded the room as Telemachus and Odysseus stood powerfully.
  • Preparation by Jillian Matias
  • Run Telemachus! While I hold them off with arrows as long as the arrows last.
  • The crowd quivered and Odysseus took a step down. He picked up and set a bow while looking at Antinous. Odysseus let go and the arrow went through Antinous' throat.
  • Bloodshed by Jillian Matias
  • You killed the best on Ithaca!
  • Our finest lad is down!
  • This shall pay for what you all did!
  • The suitors all yelled at Odysseus saying he will pay for what he did. They were all focused on Antinous dying, the fear of their own death never came to realization. Odysseus spoke and told the men they all dared bid for Penelope, his wife. Eurymachus spoke, then Odysseus stated that killing will pay for what has been done.
  • Anticlimax by Jillian Matias
  • Telemachus offered to bring a shield, spear, pair of spears and a helmet. Odysseus told Telemachus he will hold them off, so Telemachus ran and got the armor and weapons. Odysseus, Telemachus, Athena, Eumaeus and other faithful herdsmen took on the fight against the suitors.
  • Both sides armed themselves and war began. Telemachus provided four light shields, four pairs of spears, and for helms of war high-plumed with flowing mains, he put on his helmet and prepared. Odysseus aimed and shot every enemy that came in his sight.
  • All of the suitors layed on the ground with blood oozing out onto the floor. Odysseus looked around him and looked for any other enemy who hasn't passed death. He saw all of the fallen and many slain in blood and dust. Now Odysseus is left to prepare for Penelope's test.