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The Gorgon's Head Part 2
Updated: 3/11/2020
The Gorgon's Head Part 2
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  • I have never seen such beauty! I will free you from your chains!
  • I will sacrifice myself for my people, but I'm not happy about it!
  • Die, beast!
  • Why isn't he afraid of me?
  • What a lovely couple!
  • He's so brave and strong!
  • Perseus is distracted by the beautiful Andromeda, who is to be sacrificed to a sea serpent in order to fulfill an oracle and appease the sea god.
  • I must not look!
  • "If I have any friends here, let them hide their faces!"
  • She's mine!
  • Perseus battles the serpent as a contract with Andromeda's parents to marry her.
  • Here's your proof!
  • After Perseus kills the serpent, he and Andromeda are married.
  • Uh oh!
  • What an awful throw!
  • Andromeda's uncle, Phineas, claims her as his promised bride and starts a riot. Perseus is only able to thwart the attackers by using Medusa's head.
  • Perseus proves to the doubting King Polydectes that he achieved the goal of his heroic quest.
  • Not again!
  • After finally returning home to Argos, Perseus journeys to Larissa to compete in the games. His stray throw of a discus fulfills the oracle when it ends up hitting King Acrisius and kills him.
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