pdhpe assessment
Updated: 6/2/2020
pdhpe assessment

Storyboard Text

  • look its mr neat!
  • are you okay?
  • maybe you should visit a doctor, you might have OCD!
  • not really, i always get the urge to keep things neat and clean but i get teased for it
  • In this cell you see a young student being called 'Mr neat"
  • i'd also reccomend going to a therapist
  • you have the symptoms of OCD, i'm going to give you some medicine that should help
  • The next day
  • He now goes to his locker upset and a girl asks him if he is okay
  • At the therapist...
  • here are some uneven and wonky items. You need to resist your urge to fix them
  • he tells the girl that he is upset because he is being teased due to his urge to be neat and she tells him this could be a sign of OCD
  • i dont feel like i need to make everything neat anymore!
  • the boy goes to the doctors the next day and is given medicine that will help with his urge to be neat, he also suggests going to a therapist
  • The reason the therapist is saying to resist the urge to fix them as this is a way of curing OCD through therapy
  • after his medicinal and therapeutic treatment the student no longer feels the urge to clean and make things neat