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Percy Jackson-Chapters 6-7-Storyboard-Act. 1-Guide 6-Jimena Solares
Updated: 5/17/2020
Percy Jackson-Chapters 6-7-Storyboard-Act. 1-Guide 6-Jimena Solares
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  • (pag. 83-85)
  • You will be on cabin #11
  • Undetermined
  • Hi I am Luke
  • (pag. 90)
  • Clarisse are you okay?!
  • OMG the water is splashing my face!!
  • (pag. 91-92)
  • How did you do that!?!!
  • You want to gargle with toilet water again, Clarisse?
  • I am gonna kill you newbi!
  • Thats crazy!!But i am so cofused!
  • (pag. 94-96)
  • I guess I have to admit it. I am a half-god.
  • Your father isn't dead Percy.He is one of the Olympians. But I dont know who he is. But maybe he will send a sign.
  • (pag. 101-102)
  • So I am stuck here forever?
  • You can only leave the camp if you are asign with a quest. But that hardly ever happens.
  • I've got to get a quest. If only I knew the problem.
  • But one thing I know is that the last time I went to the Olympus something was wrong. I don't know what it is but I think something was stolen.
  • (pag. 102)
  • Since my last trip, Chiron has not allowed any more quests. Annabeth is been dying to get into the real world. But she has to wait for someone special.
  • Clarisse and Annabeth said something of me being "the one". What does that mean?
  • What does he mean???
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