Red Blood Cells
Updated: 1/29/2021
Red Blood Cells

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  • These are Red Blood Cells.
  • Red blood cells are the most common blood cells, they travel suspended in the blood plasma. Red blood cells are biconcave, this means that they are shaped like a flat disc with a dimple on each side.The role of red blood cells is to carry oxygen in the blood to the muscles.
  • They Make up 45% of our blood.
  • Plasma is a straw-coloured liquid that makes up around 54% of our blood and carries all of the different types of cell contained in the blood.
  • It delivers nutrients to the body and helps to transport energy. Plasma also transports carbon dioxide, produced as a waste product by cells in the body tissues, this carbon dioxide is transported to the lungsand removed from the body
  • White Blood Cells defend the body against infection from microorganisms and can be found in less than 1% of our blood. There are two different types of white blood cell; each type does a slightly different job. Both types are found in the blood plasma.