Skeleton Crew: Act 1,Scene 1
Updated: 4/16/2020
Skeleton Crew: Act 1,Scene 1
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  • Skeleton Crew - 1:1-Action Unit 1.1
  • Who touched my stuff ?!?
  • Skeleton Crew - 1:1-Action Unit 1.2
  • Skeleton Crew- 1:1 Action Unit 2.1
  • Don't start with me today Dez ...
  • Lights up on Dez and Faye.They are taking a break in the break room of the factory when shanita enters. She goes into the fridge to find out that her food was touched. She is angry
  • Skeleton Crew- 1:1 Action Unit 2.2
  • This is not fair !
  • After shanita calms down, she eats her lunch at the table with Dez. She asks faye to put out her cigarette and tries to enjoy her break. Faye puts it out and goes to heat up her cup of coffee. As the three talk about their jobs and goals outside the plant, Dez mentions how Faye, Reggie (their manager/foreman) and the union does nothing to help the workers.
  • Skeleton Crew- 1:1 Action Unit 2.3
  • Reggie enters, wheeling an old radiator. He's been looking for Faye to speak with her about something important. Dez asks for more overtime however, reggie is is not interested in Dez's proposal
  • Skeleton Crew -1:1 Action Unit 3
  • Oh snap !my break is almost over!
  • If i catch you gambling, its a write up
  • Dez gets angry and goes back and forth with Reggie until finally gives him the overtime. Faye asked if this was his personal heater and Reggie insisted they not worry about that. Dez brought up that he heard that they closed down an assembly line closed down from a rumor on the line. The rumor turns out to be true,making their factory the last small auto factory left in Detroit.
  • Reggie says that the 16-line is going to get hit with alot of work, and encourages Dez to get on that to get some more work. Dez rejects the offer and says it's a "Ghost-town". Dez goes on to say that the word on the street is that ghosts haunts any empty-closed down plants and that's about to happen to their plant. Everyone denies his predictions.
  • That's Stupid!
  • Dez realizes that is break is almost over and that he promised Bony J (another factory worker) a game of bones. Reggie reminds him that if he is caught, he will have to write him up. Dez Reminds him that he would have to catch him first . He also reminds shanita hell walk her to her car after work so that she is safe. Shanita reminds him that if he tries to flirt with her, she will peper spray him. He flirts with her before he exits and shanita throws a paper at the door in his direction.
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