A murder in custody
Updated: 6/12/2020
A murder in custody

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  • With her families' crimes at risk of being exposed Shrillary Crinton enlists a hit man to infiltrate a Federal Prison and kill her husbands former friend who knows too much.
  • Heffrey Hepstien, knows to much, he must be silenced
  • It will be done.
  • Mrs. Crinton enlists the help of a friend who owes her a favor, LT. Graves. LT. Graves is a high ranking prison official with access to Hepstien's cell block and everything in it.
  • Shrillary Crinton says Hepstien needs to go.
  • I can get you in the prison, and disable cameras, the rest is up to you.
  • In the middle of the night, LT. Graves drugs the guards too put them in a sleep. He then heads to the control room to disable the cameras in Hepstien's cell block and unlocks his door.
  • 1 week later
  • Cameras are out, and the guards are "sleeping". Take out Hepstien and the driver is out front waiting. You are good to go.
  • The ninja assassin enters the cell, and easily over powers Mr. Hepstien. He chokes Mr. Hepstien and rigs it up to look like a suicide.
  • The Crintons thank you for your services, but they are not longer needed. Good bye Mr. Hepstien.
  • NO!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!! YOU'LL NEVER..............
  • He's dead. Lets go.
  • I will drop you at the airport. Leave your supplies with me. I will destroy the evidence.
  • The pedo killed himself to avoid trial. What a coward.
  • This is clearly suicide.
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