Updated: 1/8/2021

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  • I oppose Jackson´s response to send to troops to south Carolina for south for nullifying the tariffs due to south´s anger on laws
  • Hayne´s counter Procalmation 1833
  • If a state is being oppressed by law or the law is not in their interest then the state can consider the it unconstitutional and void.
  • Due to south´s claim I President Jackson issue federal troops to impose any law and in this case tariffs and in act of nullification of states.
  • Force Bill 1833March 1833
  • This meeting is for the tariffs and the economical hit that south has faced.
  • South Carolina´s Repeal of Nullification March 11, 1833
  • Today we have decided to call for repeal on the nullification of the tariffs that were made to protect Northern industries to have power to nullify those tariffs.
  • Clay´s compromise 1850
  • I issue a compromise in-order resolve the issues between the northern and southern states.
  • The compromise removes 10 percent of the tariff each year and California would enter the union as free state.