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Benefits of Life in Rome
Updated: 6/2/2020
Benefits of Life in Rome
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  • Aqueducts for the People
  • Look how much water we have. There are over 200,000 gallons
  • Wow! There are public baths
  • Free Food for the People
  • Look at all the food!
  • Entertainment for the People
  • The ciricus is here again. We get this 66 days a year! There is free entertainment every day for the unemployed. Romans are flooding the coloseum and at Circus Maximus. Living in Rome gives us everything we need.
  • What a show!
  • It's free
  • What fun!
  • No work getting done in the city
  • There are 6 aqueducts that bring fresh water from the mountains to the fountains. This is a great benefit!
  • We still get free food and entertainment even on holidays. No one has to work.
  • The farmers have produced so much food. No one will go hungry. All of this food is another benefit of living in Rome.
  • Farmers in provinces are taxed
  • Why are we getting taxed?
  • We don't have any surplus. We can't make money.
  • Farmers are not working hard
  • Let's stop working hard. It doesn't pay to work hard and get taxed.
  • We have to give away our surplus.
  • It is another holiday. No one is working. We are having so much fun, we don't need to worry. The farmers are working so we get free food.
  • All of the farmers are expected to work to provide all the free food but there isn't enough farmland. Four out of 5 of us are farmers and we are getting taxed.
  • The farmers arent actually very good at what they do. With so many farmers they still don't produce a surplus. They aren't actually working that hard at farmering Why should they work hard when they are taxed and have to give their surplus to the Emperors. We are still poor. I don't want to pay more taxes. Those in the city are getting free food and entertainment.
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