Jkluck oedipus comic strip
Updated: 1/14/2021
Jkluck oedipus comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • Lord Oedipus, we have come to pray at your alters. A disease is upon us.
  • Do not fear. I have sent my brother in law, Creon, to ask Apollo at his temple how I can save the city
  • Oh mighty Apollo, why do you curse us with the plague?
  • Apollo commanded us to drive out a pollution from our land by banishing a man or by taking blood, for it is a murder's guilt that holds our city in this destruction
  • Lord Creon, my good brother, what is the news you bring us from Apollo?
  • Creon says that I am the murderer of Laius. He sent this rascal prophet to me. He keeps his whole mouth clean of any guilt.
  • Tell me, my lord, I beg of you.what was it that roused your anger so?