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Updated: 9/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I'm so happy to get this new computer! What are its features?
  • cool! I know my daughter would love to play games on here
  • you can download and listen to music, write documents and store files, and access anything on the internet!
  • thanks mom!
  • heres a computer you can play girly games on! I found a site for you you may enjoy
  • oooh youtube! I wonder what this is?*clicks button*
  • DressUpGames
  • YouTube AD
  • *ding*
  • censor
  • I saw a scary video on youtube because it popped up on the screen and i clicked it im sorry
  • oh honey I'm sorry you saw that you know it's important not to look at weird stuff on the internet!
  • 20 years later
  • no son, because when I was little I learned my lesson with computers, youre too young!
  • moooooom why can't I get a computer? everyone else has one