the glass knight

Updated: 6/30/2020
the glass knight

Storyboard Text

  • Scene: a man with his mumAction: walking across the road on a black zebra crossingSound: walkingDialogue:N/A
  • Scene: museumAction: the mum and son are going inside the museumSound: the squeak of the double door openingDialogue: (son) I hope its exciting
  • scene:the people are looking at the stuffaction:looking aroundsound:the sound of the rusty armor rattling togetherDialogue:{son} that's so cool
  • scene:going in the houseaction:opening the doorsound:the man putting the key in the doorDialogue:(mum) haven't you had a nice day
  • scene:mum and son falling asleep after there big dayaction:them sleepingsound:them snoringDialogue:N/A
  • SCENE: they suddenly become old peopleACTION:they are old people nowSOUND:the boys cloths tapping together DIALOGUE:(mum) now your in charge that's so unfair