Updated: 9/4/2019

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  • Hey, what was that! I've got people on onboard that I need to keep safe!
  • C'mon man!
  • Hang on a minute darling. I'm getting help.
  • Tim what happened? 
  • You're lucky to have survived mate and so were the others.
  • All check-ups have been conducted Sally. He's good to go.
  • Could my risky behaviour have had an everlasting impact on others that were directly and indirectly involved? What about people, their families and the community?
  • Multiple cars are forced to come to an immediate halt as the orange car hits Tim. He lays on the ground in shock at the thought of this event occurring. The woman in the orange car steps out and makes an urgent call for emergency services.
  • Emergency services arrive in an instant and the scene is cleared, they rush over to the boy. They take him in and assess him on the spot and look for any vital signs of severe skull and bone damage. He is luckily given the all-clear to return home. Tim is relieved. His parents arrived at the scene shortly after.
  • As Tim sat in the car he thought carefully about what the nurse mentioned about the other being lucky as well. "Could his risky actions have had an impact on the others around him?" This thought lingered on in his mind as he drifted off to sleep.
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