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Updated: 1/24/2020
social studies story board.
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  • i would like to purchase Louisiana. But it's not constitutional, let's make it seem like a treaty.
  • Louisiana purchase
  • deal!
  • We Texas are now independent. Mexico does not control us we have gained freedom!
  • Texas annexation
  • Oregon territory
  • this is important! we need to prove that we will do anything to get that expansion in the west
  • this was a "treaty" between the united states and France. they got 827,00 square miles of land west to the Mississippi rive. This all costed 15 million dollars.
  • 1848 mexican cession
  • Let's make a treaty!
  • yes, i agree. How about 15 million dollars and you get all 827,00 square miles?
  • in this, texas had kept all of the public land it had. The United staes was also paying 5 million dollars to calm down the issues with heir debts. The Texas Annexation led to war with Mexico. that war happened in 1846
  • homestead act
  • you can have all this land but you need to do something productive with it. Or you will have to pay fro it to the goverment.
  • At the beginning the land was divided into both nations. It was important to manifest destiny because it showed that the united states were willing to fight for the expansion.
  • creation of the transcontinental railroad/ gadsden purchase
  • we have to finish building the railroad it will help a lot with transporting goods and letting people travel.
  • yes sir! i understand!
  • The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo had been signed. This led to establishing our Mexica- United states border. This was located in Texas on the river Rio Grande. The united states also got California, Utah, Nevada while all of this was going on.
  • you can get Cali, Utah, Nevada and you can use the border with the Rio Grande River.
  • this allowed people to get land in the west. In order to keep the land you would have to do something that would benefit and help out the community, you also had to live there for 5 years.
  • The gadsden purchase provided the land necessary for a southern transcontinental railroad and attempted to fix all the problems that were sticking behind after the Mexican-American war.
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