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Two ways to count to ten
Updated: 2/17/2019
Two ways to count to ten
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  • Once long ago in the jungle the Leopard ruled as king. He was looking for a husband for his daughter. To find the perfect next King to marry his daughter, he made a test. The test was to throw a spear into the air and count to ten before it came back down to Earth.
  • Animals from all over the jungle came to participate in this test to become the next king.
  • They all tried to throw the spear as high as they could, but one after the other, they failed.
  • When the Lion came up to take his turn everybody thought he would get it. "One, two, three, four, five, six seven eight, nine!". But the spear came down just before he reached ten.
  • When the Gazelle stepped forward to take his turn, all the animals started laughing. Surely, they thought, if the Lion couldn't do it, neither could the puny Gazelle. But the Gazelle threw the spear and started counting. "Two, Four, Six, Eight, Ten!" the Gazelle cried. "king Leopard never said how I had to count to ten."
  • "That is true" said King Leopard. "You shall marry my daughter and become the next King!"
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