a long walk to water story board
Updated: 2/3/2020
a long walk to water story board
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Storyboard Text

  • Main Characters
  • Setting
  • Conflict
  • The main characters in A Long Walk to Water are Salva, Uncle, and Dad. Salva is the main main character and he tries to escape the war and find a safe place to go. Uncle supports Salva on his journey and protects him with his life. Dad is the reason Salva kept presevering because he might have a chance of him being alive. ( Park 1, 27,3 
  • Theme
  • The setting is the desert. The setting is the desert because Salva has to try to cross it and get to safety. ( Park 84)
  • Social Issue
  • One of the conflicts in A Long Walk to Water is Salva trying to survive the desert and get to safety. This is a conflict because there are many dangers, the bad people and the wild. ( Park 45)
  • Symbols
  • I think that the theme of A Long Walk To Water is never giving up no matter how hard times may be or if you have to do a certain thing or else you will die. ( Park 67)
  • The social issue I would say is the war because that is what made him have to walk in the desert and death of loved ones and others. ( Park 45)
  • The gun represents helping others and encouraging others to keep persevering. Salva's Uncle helped Salva persevear and I used the gun because Uncle carried around a gun and helped others with it by shooting by shooting animals so they could eat ( Park 45)
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