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Bose Speaker Sunglasses, Storyboard, Group 1
Updated: 1/22/2020
Bose Speaker Sunglasses, Storyboard, Group 1
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Storyboard Text

  • **Humming to music tune**
  • ....that's why I broke up with him...LISTEN TO ME!
  • I'm sorry my music was too loud and my eyes were closed because of the sun.
  • Have you ever tried the Bose Speaker Sunglasses? They're just like regular sunglass but with a speaker in the frames where you can listen to me too! Try these!
  • These are awesome! I can hear you with my music on and these sunglasses are really good!
  • I know! Not too expensive and an amazing way to listen to music!
  • Jenny is listening to her music on her headphones. She can't hear what Becca is saying and doesn't even know she's talking to her. Becca is trying to get help with a recent breakup but Jenny isn't listening.
  • Jenny realizes that Becca was talking to her but she didn't hear anything and feels really bad. Then, Becca suggest the idea of the Bose Speaker Sunglasses! Jenny loves the idea and wants to try them!
  • Jenny puts on the sunglasses puts here music on and continues the conversation. Becca explains how the sunglasses are only $200 and easy to pair. They continue their conversation with Jenny now listening!
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