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Updated: 5/6/2020
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  • Do you want to see the new movie with Will Ferrell? All the boys are gonna be there.
  • Yeah, sounds fun!
  • After making a quick stop, one of your friends asks if anyone wants to smoke a blunt. What will you do?
  • Anybody want to smoke a blunt?
  • Yeah, let's do ir!
  • Internal: You want to have fun with your friends and don't want to feel left out, but you are also scared of getting in trouble.
  • You can either:a) Take up the offer, have fun with your friends, but could get in trouble with parents or the police if pulled over.b) Don't take the offer, let your friends smoke, which could either mean you're still going to have a fun time, but if the cops pull you over, everyone could get in trouble.c) You could not take the offer and try to convince your friends not to smoke and nobody will get in trouble and you will still have fun. Your friends might get mad at you.
  • External: Your friends are pressuring you to smoke.
  • I'm going to convince my friends not to smoke and I won't either. This is the best decision because nobody will get in trouble and we will all have fun still.
  • Marijuana also has THC and CBD, which give you a high. If the driver gets high or second-hand high, he could crash or be arrested for DUI if pulled over. It is also a memory loss drug as well as the fact that it impairs your frontal lobe when you are younger, so it is not a good idea to smoke it right now.
  • He's right. We shouldn't, I wasn't really thinking about the consequences.
  • Guys, I don't think it'd be a good idea if we smoked right now, especially in the car. What if he gets arrested for DUI?
  • The End
  • SODA
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