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Updated: 9/17/2020
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  • Caspian leads them thought a storm. The storm is super bad. They are lucky to make it out alive. They rip there sail and break a lot of things on their boat.
  • Eustace falls asleep in a dragons cave. While he is asleep dark dragony thoughts fill his head. When he wakes up his is surprised to find himself a dragon.  
  • There is Gold?!
  • what!?
  • Eustace sneaks up on Lucy Edmund And Caspian. They inspect the dragon. The find that he is hurt. Lucy heeled him with her healing bottle.
  • Eustace peals his dragon skin off but he can't get off the last layer of skin. Asland takes the last layer off. This interaction is like how God take all our sin away. Like Asland took all Eustace's skin off. The skin represents our sin and Asland represents God.
  • Then they found a gold statue at the bottom of the pool. To figure out how deep it was Edmund dip his spear in his water. It turned into Gold! Them they found That the pool of water turned things into gold.
  • They get attacked by a giant sea serpent. to protect Lucy he used Caspian's sword. He accomplished nothing except breaking his sword. But he changed.
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