Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Alliances
  • I'm going to attack you!!
  • Then I will attack you!!
  • If you attack himI'll attack him!!
  • Imperialism
  • All this now belongs to Britain!!
  • Militarism
  • Checkout my army, this is the greatest in the world, I could conquer anyone!!
  • The Central Power and the Allied Powers' alliances's caused many countries to become involved in the war.
  • Nationalism
  • I would die for my country!!
  • Countries like Britain and France controlled lands in Africa politically, economically, and socially.
  • Assassination
  • Nations competed for greater armies, this caused tension between neighboring countries.
  • Nationalism is when one feels a great love for their nation, Germany felt extremely powerful and felt that no one could stop them.
  • We are way better than you!!
  • A Serbian nationalist shot the Archduke Ferdinand and it caused a war to unfold.