Updated: 5/12/2020

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  • ,What’s this to my Lysander? Where is he? Ah, good Demetrius, wilt thou give him me?
  • .Which now in some slight measure it will pay, If for his tender here I make some stay.
  • . What hast thou done? Thou hast mistaken quite,
  • O Helena, goddess, nymph, perfect, divine!
  • .Demetrius loves her, and he loves not you
  • Captain of our fairy band,Helena is here at hand,
  • Soon after Hermia and Demetrius pass by, and Oberon tells Puck that this is the man he meant. Puck agrees it is the woman he previously saw, but that is not the man that he put the potion onto. Hermia accuses Demetrius of killing her love, Lysander but Demetrius tells her he did nothing to him and does not care about him.
  • .Why are you grown so rude? What change is this,Sweet love?
  • . Hang off, thou cat, thou burr! Vile thing, let loose Or I will shake thee from me like a serpent.
  • Demetrius is tired so he goes to sleep while Oberon then scolds Puck for putting the potion into the wrong man's eyes. Oberon wants to fix Puck's mistake, so he orders Puck to go find Helena, who Demetrius is supposed to love and bring her to him
  • Oberon then puts the potion in Demetrius's eyes while he sleeps and Puck brings Helena to him. Lysander follows soon after looking for his love, Helena. Demetrius then wakes up and falls in love with Helena, so that both men are telling her how much they love her.
  • Hermia comes to find Lysander saying that he wants nothing to do with her because he loves Helena which hurts hermia tremendously.
  • The men decide to fight for Helena's while Hermia is along with Helena, she tries to seek answers from her friend, but Helena dosent trust anyone and is upset about the whole situation
  • Oberon causes a fog to come so that the four Athenians will lthink it was all a dream .Then he will, once again, make them fall asleep but they must sleep close so when they wakeup they will see there true loves.