alicia and acacia (adventure or mystery?? season1 episode1

Updated: 5/3/2020
alicia and acacia (adventure or mystery?? season1 episode1

Storyboard Text

  • I am a spy and i can do this.i can catch him.i know i can
  • what is she saying??
  • what is better than waking early in the morning.could you carry my bag acacia??
  • woof,woof,grrrrrrr
  • I HATE THIS DISGUISE.but i have to wear it to go to the city.
  • alicia is a girl with only her pet dog her mother and father are spies so she followed th tradition it is just her and her dog since the parents had to go on a seperate mission while she had to go on another with acacia.(her dog)
  • today is the first day of the mission and she can't wait to try the disguise which her boss gave her.
  • turns out she hates the disguise but she has to wear it.(see more episodes to know more)