The French Revolution
Updated: 4/17/2020
The French Revolution

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  • The French Revolution
  • Kill the King!
  • Conditions Present in France in the 1780's
  • We're out of food again...
  • Role of the Enlightenment
  • Do we really need social hierarchy?
  • by Joanna Catton
  • Role of the Press
  • Did you hear? The Queen is hoarding grain!
  • During the 1780's, France was in debt due to their participation in the American Revolution, and there was also a food shortage due to a surge in population growth and poor grain harvests.
  • Role of Women
  • Come to Paris!
  • Ideas from the Age of Enlightenment also helped start the revolution because they talked about people thinking for themselves and wondered if traditional ways of doing things were better than trying something new.
  • Role of Mob Mentality
  • To the Bastille!
  • The press spread rumors about the monarchy and promoted violence against them.
  • The most well-known attack led by women in the revolution was when a group of women heard a rumor that the Queen was hoarding grain. They armed themselves with what they had and stormed Versailles, where they drove the monarchy to move to Paris, where they could keep an eye on them.
  • Throughout the revolution, mob mentality led to storming Versailles and the Bastille, and it also brought many public executions at the guillotine and made the revolution more bloody and violent in general.