French Revolution: Economic

Updated: 2/18/2019
French Revolution: Economic

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  • Economic life in France was horrific due to the many wars France took part in.
  • Why earth would Louis XIV go and send us to so many foreign wars and then his son would follow suite and send us to a seven year war
  • I have no clue but we need to speak to the queen about this, we have so little money, bread riots are everywhere.
  • You Highness, should we not try to impose taxes on ALL the classes to try and bring our salary back up to speed, you've spent it all
  • The Queen Made Antoinette was no help, she just kept spending the country's money on lavish unimportant things
  • Why give those scummy pheasants anything when I can spend it on something for ME!!!
  • Then to make matters worse France's only source of income, the gold mines they owned in Brazil, eventually ran out.
  • I'm sorry sir, my men dug out the last of the gold this past week, it's completely barren.
  • France's corrupt leaders panicked and eventually went back to their old ways of running the country
  • But my Queen, those finance laws are what forced us to change in order to save the country, the people are starving, DON'tT DO THIS! I BEG OF YOU
  • I've got it, those laws have worked for a plethora of years, we should just switch back to them
  • The return of the old, corrupt, and inefficient financial system ultimately led to the bankruptcy of the state, a main cause of the French Revolution
  • France is in a state of panic, whatever should we do!?
  • We should revolt! If these aristocrats have no care for us why should we care for them!? I SAY DOWN WITH THE QUEEN!!
  • I'm so hungry, and poor! Darn this idiotic country! I've lost my bread, and my friend!
  • The aristocrats of France gave no pity to those who were beneath them. Sending them off to multiple wars, wasting their tax money on their own desires, and eventually discarding them of ever being there. In their eyes, if you beneath them they were nonexistent. The economic life of France's lower classes became so poor it sent them into a revolution.
  • Economic Downfall