estudio sobre norteamerica

Updated: 10/12/2021
estudio sobre norteamerica

Storyboard Text

  • What I love the most about the US is thefact that you have opportunities to grow, no matter if you are latin, asian,european or afro-american.
  • You're right. However, ithas not always been this way, it took many years, and the struggle of manypeople to achieve the privilege.
  • Oh, really?
  • Yes, my friend. The hardestpart was for the afro-american, they were taken as slaves since 1619 when theBritain brought them to their colonies in the current United States.
  • Oh, that sounds unfair,nobody should be taken away from the freedom. And, how were they able to maketheir rights valid?
  • Well, one of the mostrelevant events was the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963, thatbrought together more than 250,000 people, it is also known by the "I havea dream" speech by Martin Luther King Jr.
  • After that event, and also afterthe death of John F Kennedy, the Democrats promoted the Civil Rights Act of1964, which prohibited racist acts like not letting people enter to thestablishments based on the religion or skin color, also banned thediscrimination in job opportunities based on people's origin or sex.
  • That law was great then.
  • It is hard to hear thatsome people had that bad treatment in the past, but know this teaches us howthe society has evolved and because there were people with no doubt to fightfor justice, nowadays all us of have the same opportunities in this country.