Fahrenheit 451
Updated: 12/18/2019
Fahrenheit 451
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by jocelyn lol

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  • The Hearth and the Salamander
  • The Sieve and the Sand
  • Burning Bright
  • In the Hearth of The Salamander, the scene where Montag steals a book is important to the novel overall. This scene shows us that Clarisse influenced Montag to become intrigued in books and risks his life to obtain new information.
  • On the Run!
  • In this scene, Mildred alerts Beatty that Montag stole a book. This scene is significant to the novel because after receiving the information, Beatty takes Montag to his own house to burn it down.
  • Clarisse?
  • This scene is significant to the novel because it shows when the city is under attack and interferes with Montags escape. The city becomes ruined.
  • A Utopia
  • After the bombing, Montag escapes and finds sanctuary within the woods far away for the next few weeks. During this time he is planning on what his next move is.
  • Montag is alone for more weeks than expected. He is starting to go insane without food or any human connection. He is still thinking about where his life is taking him. He then notices a bush move, and moves towards it. He then sees Clarisse. " i- i i thought you died? THEY SAID YOU DIED!?" "im okay Im alive, Come with me, follow me. I'll help you"Montag went with clarisse, or so he thought. All of a sudden he gets hit in the head, and blacks out.It wasnt Clarisse, but someone who works for Captain Beatty
  • Montag wakes up in what seems like the same city but it is way far from that. He sees other people, but none he has ever seen before. He has been taken to a Utopia, a place for people who think more than they're supposed to. Montag is shut out from the normal world, but maybe this isn't bad after all. He finally has the freedom to do whatever he wants, to think for himself. He will restart his life here.
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